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About Me

Hannah Eames Thomas is an avid lover of movement and wellness. She started her career in the world of personal training and leading group fitness classes. Those 5 years as a CrossFit instructor lead her to want a deeper understanding of the body, its systems, and how we can best improve our quality of life. Hannah graduated from CMI (Chattanooga Massage Institute) in April of 2020, and then became a Licensed Massage Therapist shortly there after. She has had her own practice since May 2020 in the Southside of Chattanooga. Since then she has taken various continuing education classes in Dermo Nero Modulation, Cultivating a Mindful Practice, and Body work for depression and anxiety, to name a few.

Hannah enjoys working with a variety of people, from ultra runners, expecting mamas, Crossfitters, 9-5 desk workers, and your everyday anyone! Hannah wants each client she gets to work with to know it is an honor to be included in their choice to take care of themselves and their body.

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