“Just had a session with Hannah, who really knows what she’s doing. She worked on a rotator cuff issue as well as full body. Greatly increased comfort, increased range of motion. I’ve had a full body massage at another location in town with a recognized brand - no comparison to Hannah’s level of competence. Highly recommend!!

Hubert V.

“Just had my first appointment of many! Hannah asked about any issues I had and what areas to concentrate on, and did a great job focusing on them. In one session she was able to increase mobility in my neck, which had been stiff for a while. Highly recommend!”

Cheryl T.

“ The owner, Hannah, at BBTC, is extremely intentional and caring of her clients. She asked me what I needed work on, and she went to work. She not only prioritized what I asked her to, but she also worked up and down from those areas to try to alleviate any potential causes of the discomfort that I was feeling. None of my friends are going to recognize me because I walked out a WHOLE NEW girl after my massage with Hannah. 12/10 would recommend.”

Kelsey C. 

“Hannah saw me this week for a problem I was having with my quads/IT bands. The session helped a lot and she checked back in with me to see how I was doing. She even gave me some suggestions to address the root of the problem. Just a few days later I’m on the road to being back at 100% from something I thought might keep me sidelined for a long period of time.”

Travis D. 

“My massage with Hannah was amazing! Her office is very conveniently located and easy to find and the massage room was cozy and relaxing. Hannah was so warm and friendly and made me feel very comfortable right away. She asked me what areas might need some attention and gave me plenty of time to undress and get situated. I got a 60 minute full body massage and it felt incredible. It was so relaxing and got a ton of tension out of my body. Hannah gave me lots of time after my massage to get dressed again and was ready with a glass of water once I was ready to go. I feel so much better afterwards! I would highly recommend Hannah to anyone looking for a good massage!”

Annie M.